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Some Proofs about SasuSaku~

SasuSaku Manga Hints/Proofs [Video]

Of course, as a dedicated SasuSaku fan, there’s a possiblity of SasuSaku being a canon of course there are lots of scenes that Masashi Kishimoto had drawn for the two of them! I mean why should they not be together in my way of looking at both of them Sakura (pink=represents women) + Sasuke (blue=represents men) = Yin and Yang. Yes they are total opposites but then when they are being merged together they work as one. If you want proof why pink represents women and blue represents men well thats a very simple question because when you go to a restroom you always see the girl pink and the boy blue (see!). Also the sasusaku moments on the first season of Naruto :

1. The bell test. When Kakashi pulled a jutsu at Sakura, she screams. Sasuke hears it and runs towards her forgetting what he said that all of them should just go on their own. He eventually reveals a little bit of his past.

2. When Sasuke tried to protect Sakura in the wave country arc. The part  where Sakura was to protect the old man(I forgot his name) And Zabuza tried to attack them. With out even thinking that he could die and never to avenge his clan again, Sasuke protects Sakura.

3. When they were training in the forest. Sasuke ask Naruto about the tip she gave him. It was shown he was a bit embarrassed asking about it. It also proves that he acknowledges her.

4. The fight with Haku. While fighting against Haku, Sasuke hears Sakur’s voice. At the translation he said “that was Sakura’s voice? What’s that idiot Kakashi doing? Damn it this is bad, I must do something”

5. The Sasuke ‘dies’ scene. Sakura tries to hold back the tears remembering that a ninja should never let her emotions take control or something like that. Still her true emotion break through her. Sasuke let her hug him.

6. The Chuunin Exam. Sakura’s gets depressed about not being strong enough to gain Sasuke’s attention and becomes more depress about the chuunin exam. Sasuke notices her depression.

7. Sasuke gets in a fight with Rock Lee. He gets beaten and Sakura catches him when he fell.

8. Sakura called him a coward. Sasuke shows weakness against Orochimaru, Sakura’s childhood crush eventually scattered into  pieces as she sees he’s not the perfect person she sees. She yells at him saying his a cowards which bothered Sasuke and made him remember about his brother.

9. Sasuke’s bitten. When Orochimaru gave Sasuke the curse seal he gets so weak that he collapsed on her.

10. She has to protect them.  Sakura knowing that she couldn’t beat the sound nins still tried to fight against them. Sakura cut her hair with a Kunai to get free from Kin’s grasp. The cutting of her hair signifies that she’s letting go of her childish crush on Sasuke and wants to be his equal.

11. Best SasuSaku moment. The hug! Sasuke wakes up overflowing with the curse seal’s chakra. Sasuke gets extremely angry  at the fact that some one hurt Sakura. He angrily asked who the hell hurt Sakura.

12. Sakura assist Sasuke all the way to the tower. She told him not to use the Sharingan beacuse it affects the cursed seal.

13. Sakura tries to tell the teacher about the curse seal but Sasuke stops her by holding her hand. Sasuke said,”I will not even you to take away my path.” Note the even you in the sentence….

14. Sakura wanted to visit Sasuke at the hospital. Instead of a rose which symbolizes love to bring for him like Ino did, she brings a Daffodil  with a get well soon note instead of an I Love you note. It shows that she had greatly matured and her view at Sasuke is not just a mere crush but real love.

15.Another moment that shows Sakura’s love for Sasuke is true. Unlike Ino who is worried why Sasuke is gone, she worries about the curse seal instead.

16.Sakura dashes infront of Sasuke to take the hit from Gaara.

17. Sakura gets stuck or more likely gripped on a tree because of Gaara’s Sand for protecting Sasuke. Sasuke told Naruto when he arrived that Naruto has to save her no matter what because he doesn’t want to loose the people who are dearest to him. Then after a while of fighting with Gaara and such. Sasuke who couldn’t move because of Gaara, suddenly jumped to catch Sakura as the sand peels off.

18. Sakura thanks Sasuke for saving her, Sasuke on the other hand tells it was Naruto. Sakura stared and smiles at Naruto. Sasuke looked a bit angry…

I always thought that he’s somewhat jealous and angry in this part, not because Naruto is stronger, but because of the look Sakura gave to Naruto since he is looking at Sakura.

19. Sakura stayed beside Sasuke after his battle with Itachi that placed him in some what a coma.

20. Sakura bows to Tsunade and says “Please take care of Sasuke.” A typical thing for a Japanese wife.

21. Shikamaru was talking to his father when he said “even the roughest woman is gentle to the man she is in love with” then the scene jumps to Sakura as she watches over Sasuke.

23.  Sasuke remembers the time he got angry about Naruto saving Sakura. (Moment number 18)

24. Sasuke and Naruto battles on the hospital’s rooftop. Sasuke becomes distress and looked like he was about to panic (In my point of view) when Sakura ran between Chidori and Rasengan.

25. Sasuke decided to leave the village. As he leave, they some how crossed at the park where Sasuke told Sakura that she was annoying. Sakura tries to stop him, even saying that she’ll help her or she’ll join him. She declared her love for him. Sasuke thanks her and leaves her unconscious.

I Got it from 😀SasuSaku Love LiveJournal


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