Haruno Sakura [DataBook 2] My Fave Charas~

Sakura Haruno pg 130-135

pg 130

Next time, I’ll go too!
No matter how many times she’s hurt, she gets up. The unbreakable girl who grows every day.

pg 131

Ninja Registration: 012601
Birthday: March 28th (13 Capricorn)
Height:150.1 cm, weight: 35.9kg, Bloodtype: o
Personality: Perfect student, bratty(does things her own way)
Likes: shaved ice with fruit, green plum pickles
Dislikes: spicy food
Likes to say: courage
Hobbies: quizzes, writing diary

Graduated ninja academy: 12
Chunnin: _
Assignment ranking: D: 7, C: 1, B:0, A:1, S:0

People say that becoming an adult means more worries. Sakura too, is no exception as she worries and sheds tears at every stage. But her strength is her ability to find hope despite odds. With the pride of being a ninja deep in her heart she does not wither but faces all challenges.

(Pic of Sakura giving apples to Sasuke)
Even with concern in her heart, she acts bright and happy.

(Pic of Sakura and Sasuke)
“Sasuke! You’re doing it again. You don’t have to be shy. For certain, Naruto has grown stronger but that sand guy…”
Sasuke, “It’s true.”
Her passion for Sasuke is unchanging. In front of Sasuke, her personality changes but his apathy is constant.

(Pic of Sakura with fish)
As Tsunade’s student, she develops a new ability called medical jutsu. In the battle field she was unnoticeable, but she is endlessly heading towards becoming the greatest of female ninjas.

A strong ‘other Sakura’! In front of Sasuke, the difference between their actions make it impossible for them to be the same two people. Is this a part of her charm?

(Pic of Sakura with scary face)

pg 132

Fighting Spirit!

A spirit that doesn’t back down but fights back! To protect what is precious to her!!(Pic of Sakura over Sasuke)

“First we have to get out of here. Somehow I must get Sasuke to Kakashi sensei.”
Emergency where Sasuke is down. There is no emergency greater than this! But she tries to calmly make decisions.

One can see her strong spirit during missions. She erases fears of the opponent, doesn’t back down, and bravely and boldly fights back.

What moves Sakura is her strong belief in becoming the greatest of female ninjas. She suppresses her fear which is about to explode and fights. Is this not true courage?

(Pic of Sakura crushed against tree)
A female is likely to be the enemies’ target on the battlefield. Despite this, jumping into this world is courage itself.

(Pic of Sakura fighting)
Towards a great enemy, she doesn’t take step back. This is to not shame her way of ninja.

pg 133


With the growth of her two teammates, Naruto and Sasuke, their relationship also worsens. The conflict between the two ninja, this is sacred ground that no one can cross. Sakura can only believe… the happy days of the three.

Acknowledging Naruto’s power, Sasuke see red! As it is being crushed, her heart cries out.


She feels uncertain whether the three can get together again as a team. Her suffering will help a reliable and strong mind bloom.

(Pic of Sakura between Naruto and Sasuke)
“Sa, Sasuke, why are you doing this? Naruto, say something”
She tries to get involved but there is no room for her. In front of their heated glares, she does not exist.

*Finally the conflicts brews before her. Sakura does all that she can but to no avail. She wishes for things to go back to as they were but….

At Kakashi’s words that everything will return back to as they were, she nods her head. That thoughtful consideration helps bring reassurance to her mind at least for a little while.

pg 134

A parting with a loved one that tears at her heart

(Pic of Sakura)
“How is it you never say anything, why do you always say nothing to me…”

Sasuke left the Leaf Village. Sakura’s heart did not reach him. Naturally lonely and peace loving, for Sakura, the loss of one teammate causes her great pain.
Thus, if that person is someone she loves, the pain is greater. So she shouts out her love which goes unheeded, squeezing the words out of her throat. It’s as if this is her imprisoning destiny.
“Sasuke, I love you so much I don’t know what to do!”


Totally unreliable and full of baseless confidence is Naruto. But this Naruto becomes to Sakura someone she can rely on the most. The moment she acknowledges this, one can say her true development began.

A companion is always by your side. It is because she knows this that she can get up again from swamps of despair.

pg 135

The girl who travels a new path, her eyes only gazing at the future.


After realizing Sasuke is someplace unreachable, Sakura takes a look back at herself, as a friend and as a ninja. And she realizes this is not the end but rather the beginning.

A Sakura who pretends to be strong in front of Naruto. This is probably her bright attitude.
(Pic of smiling Sakura)
“Why are you apologizing?”

A new beginning
Sakura who swears to begin anew. This is her resolution to bring back Sasuke by her own self. No matter how hard the journey, Sakura will never give up…because to her this is the ninja’s way.

(Pic of Naruto in bandages)
“Sakura, I’ll keep my promise. Because this is a once in a life time promise.”
Naruto’s words are always filled with hope. Sakura always finds hope in his words and moves ahead.

(Pic of Sakura)
“Take me as your student!”
In Sakura’s eyes there is passion. To become the person she does not even know, the girl chooses the last possibility.

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